Michael York - Author

Harper's Magazine


journalism & other writing

Contributor to numerous publications, including Queen, Harpers, Vogue, and National Lampoon and an award-winning travel piece for Discovery magazine.


other writing


Devoted to Downton (Emmy Magazine)

Preface to Michael George's photographic book, Sussex by the Sea

Preface to Michael Pick's biography, Hardy Amies


Accidentally on Purpose, US edition of autobiography (Simon & Schuster)

The Magic Paw Paw, a children’s book (Dove)

1991 Travelling Player, British edition of autobiography (Headline)
1990  Introduction to the Easton Press edition of Shakespeare’s plays

Contributor to Philip Berman’s The Courage of Conviction (Dodd Mead)

Contributor to Voices of Survival (Capra Press)

1973 Contributor to Theatre 73: “Tennessee Williams in Rehearsal” (Hutchinson)

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